Smart Email Organization

Email you can recognize

Your inbox suits up. XonoMail automatically tags all your emails with a category icon or a picture. Now, instead of a jumble of senders and subject headings, you see what the email is really about before you even open it. A quick glance and you can focus your priorities.


the place for order

XonoHub is the brain of our app; its powerful algorithm organizes your email and labels it for you. With our intuitive interface, it takes just a couple of taps to find what you’re looking for. You can see your email by category or contact and even clean out hundreds of messages at once.

Email Organization

Smart Email

Look less, find more

Our smart search is a powerful tool that lets you search by category as well as by the exact words that appear in an email. Unsure of what you need? Just start typing… and the auto-complete feature will make suggestions based on your contacts, companies that email you, and your categories.

Fully automatic

The best part about XonoMail is that it does everything for you, right away. All you need is a Gmail account (more platforms coming soon). Just open XonoMail, enter your address and password, and the app will automatically begin organizing your email. There’s no registration process and no need to set up filters or label your emails by hand. And everything happens within the XonoMail app, so your emails remain unchanged and you can always access your untagged inbox directly through Gmail… not that you would ever want to!

Android Email App

Our algorithm will never tell

At XonoMail, your privacy and security are our number one concerns. While the brains of our app – the artificial intelligence sorting system – does automatically scan your inbox, you can rest assured that no humans will be reading your messages. All email providers apply spam filters to your inbox to protect you against spam, viruses, and malware. XonoMail works like an advanced spam filter: it removes unwanted messages, and it also gives you a unique experience that helps you focus. Most importantly, XonoMail pledges never to use your data for any other purpose.

We take pride in our privacy policy. We invite you to read the full privacy statement here, and please email us with any questions.